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About us

Welcome to Aurora House

Located at Skyline Dr. Fairbanks Alaska

Fairbanks Main Office

4730 Glasgow Drive Fairbanks, AK

907-529-9801 (1 PM - 10PM)

Anchorage Office

410 K St. Anchorage, AK


Quick Story of Our Aurora House

Our Aurora House originally belonged to a lovely British couple and was later acquired by A&P Tours. In 2007, to enhance the aurora-watching experience for many, we expanded the house with a spacious 3000-square-foot wooden deck on the first floor and a 1200-square-foot deck on the second floor. Additionally, an aurora camera from the Japanese company Weathernews Inc. was installed on the second-floor deck for continuous observation. This website was revamped in 2023. The Aurora House is now utilized as a new private rental space and regular 5-hour aurora tours.

Aerial view of the Aurora House and city of Fairbanks in a distance
About Our Location

Our Aurora House is located approximately 20 minutes by car from downtown Fairbanks, covering a distance of 7.6 miles. In terms of elevation, it rises to 1400 feet compared to the city's average elevation of 400 feet. While higher elevation doesn't necessarily guarantee a better experience, in terms of the success rate of observing the aurora, a higher elevation is considered advantageous. Additionally, the clear visibility of stars is another positive aspect.

Our neighbors live quietly, and the surroundings are enveloped in tranquility. Enjoy the abundant natural environment in this location so close to the city, where both the aurora and the beauty of the stars can be appreciated.

explanation of two different North Poles
Wind  ~cloud moving direction~

The Aurora House is located north of Fairbanks. Typically in Alaska, when viewed with a wide perspective, the winds that carry high-altitude clouds move from the southwest to the northeast. Although the photo above was taken in the evening with the northern sky covered in clouds, a few hours later, as expected, the sky cleared up, allowing us to witness the aurora. The photo below shows the arc-shaped aurora commonly seen at the beginning of its appearance on that day.

How you see aurora from Aurora House
Viewing direction

While the aurora doesn't consistently emerge centered around the magnetic North Pole, there tends to be a general inclination in that direction. Nevertheless, there's no need for concern. You can observe the complete arc of the aurora from the spacious deck of our Aurora House.

The distant lights belong to a village named Fox. If you find their brightness distracting, you can move to 1st floor of the deck or parking area will obscure the lights behind the trees. This adjustment could be particularly significant for photographers.

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