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Whispers of Celestial Embrace:
Unraveling the Mystique of Earth's Dance with the Aurora


I find myself enamored with the aurora. Perhaps Earth's most sublime natural dance, its beauty's vastness is overwhelmingly captivating to the beings tethered to the terrestrial realm.

As for its mystique, it remains an elusive enigma, impervious even to the tools of contemporary science. Almost as if it dances beyond the confines of quantum mechanics, embodying emotions in a manner suggesting an impassable frontier. It is a mystique that seemingly permits no deciphering without venturing into the realm of "destiny," entwined with sentiments, an inscrutability that transcends the scientific lexicon. 

Understanding the allure of the aurora may require a comprehension of Gaston Bachelard's concept of 'Trans-subjectivity.' This idea is a poetic unraveling of various phenomena in the world.

It unfolds like a metaphysical reverie! This phenomenon, elusive yet undeniable, defies location, akin to a mist that dissipates the moment you detach another entity (existence) entangled with it. Truly, it is a phenomenon—an uncertainty. Not a construct of yesteryears but a mere undulating wave akin to clouds. In essence, it is but a manifestation of a unique relationship.

Undoubtedly, a fragment of this manifestation unfolds in the aurora phenomenon. It is as if the light of this phenomenon reveals the glimpses of unseen connections. The poet discerns it, and perhaps the haunting call of a great horned owl in the distant boreal forest or the wolves' howls beneath the arctic northern lights embrace this phenomenon with a poetic resonance.

So, where does the sensibility that recognizes this beauty reside within us, and where in the aurora do we perceive the beauty?


It appears to lie in the acknowledgment that such grandeur is neither part of an opulent city's radiant festival nor is it entwined with the summer pyrotechnics that grace Japan's nature. Instead, it rests in the hands of profound Mother Nature, in occurrences that unfold organically. This is where the essential cradle of our contemporary, often overlooked natural perspective seems to lie.



"I created this prose poetry in Japanese and had it translated into English with the assistance of ChatGPT's capabilities."

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